Stock market analyst predictions

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How many of you follow and make buy/sell investments based on a particular stock market analysts?

Who do you think is the best analyst in India based on number of right calls? can be technical or fundmental analyst.


I personally dont follow analyst predictions.

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  1. Ramesh Mangal says:

    My view is, if an analyst is so sure about making money on his own, he would be doing it individually and not telling the world about his “true” bets or would be managing money on a large scale. So, any analyst who comes in media (any type) either is not making much money on his own (so supports himself from this income) or requires the help of media to support his “true” bet.

  2. There are some well noted analysts like sudarshan sukhani , ashwini gujral etc , but the reason we might call them idiots is because 6 out of 10 times their calls or what ever they suggest does not work out ! .

    However , to defend them, all I have to say is you have to understand that they are pure technical traders . the fact that they are disciplines traders does not mean that being 6 out of 10 times wrong means that they dont make enough money .

    Trading is not about being right more times and being wrong , Its about making lot of money when you are right and loosing a little everytime you are wrong , this is essence of making profits in markets . You cant control if you win or loose , but you can control how much you win or you loose , so if they win 4 times and make Rs 100 at each trade , and loose Rs 30 on each of 6 traders , they make 300 and loose 180 and finally make 120 out of total 10 trades ! .

    This over a long term make them very successful .

    Note that its not the ability of being correct most number of times which makes them winner , its the ability to control themselves and let their profits run for winning positions and cut their losses when they are wrong makes them successful.

    However , the investors watching them trade equally on each suggestions and do not have that ability which a successful trader should have .

    Even if these analysts give 7 out of 10 times a winning call , the retail public might loose the money as 3 out of 10 times when they loose , they will loose all the money they have made in 7 winning tips .

    So anyone who feels stock markets is a game of tips or analsys , thats not true , its a mind game, its linked with your attitude and beliefs, your self-control


  3. rakesh says:

    Most of the analysts are jokers. They give a buy call for a stock and when the stock starts correcting they give a sell call. I have noticed many analyst doing the same though I would not want to name them. Some of them are well know figures in MoneyControl.


  4. prabeesh says:

    I watch them occasionally for Fun.So no favorites for me

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