State Bank of Mysore not ready to abide by RBI guidelines for allotment of a safe deposit locker

POSTED BY Kunal D ON January 2, 2014 2:07 pm COMMENTS (13)

Hi All,

Wish you all a Very Happy New Year 2014. I am writing this thread in relation to the fixed deposit amounts demanded by various Branch Mgrs irrespective of the clear guidelines stated by RBI :


According to Reserve Bank Of India guidelines as stated in the link below:

“Fixed Deposit as Security for Lockers Banks may face situations where the locker-hirer neither operates the locker nor pays rent. To ensure prompt payment of locker rent, banks may at the time of allotment, obtain a Fixed Deposit which would cover 3 years rent and the charges for breaking open the locker in case of an eventuality. However, banks should not insist on such Fixed Deposit from the existing locker-hirers”. But Br.Mgr’s often ask for huge sums of deposit ranging from 1 lakh to 5 lakhs to allot a locker.


Hence I approached the Branch Mgr of State Bank of Mysore, Bangalore and asked him to share with me the guidleines followed by Bank to allot a locker. He did not not share any details and said that it was the the Br. Mgr’s discretion to decide and accept the amount of deposit before allotting a new locker. Also the waitlist system is not followed and the process of ‘First Come First Serve’ method is ignored.

I lodged a complaint at State Bank of Mysore wesbite, got a call from their head office and same story was repeated and even they asked me that it is a mandatory requirement to deposit an amount to get a locker.

They are not ready to accept the fact that they are bound by RBI guidelines. I am ready to deposit an amount as mandated by RBI but not the sum demanded by Bank. What are the next options in line for me to take this case ahead as I am sure they are not following the guidelines by RBI.



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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Kunal, yes. You may just post a plain E-mil also for start.



  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Kunal, please file an RTI with the appellate authorities as listed in this link.

    statebankofmysore. co. in/images/cpio-info.pdf



    1. Kunal D says:

      Hi Ashal,
      So I have to file a RTI to SBM Appellate authorities along with an Indian Postal order number for Rs 10 + my previous RTI application copy ?


  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Kunal, please wait for 5 more days to complete the 30 days window for your original RTI. After that you can escalate the matter within SBM for the same RTI application.



  4. Ohh really.

    Then this manager has no idea what power investors hold with them. You will surely get the locker with only minimum amount of deposit (thats only 3 yrs of fees + breaking charges) .

    If you are ready to wait on locker and ready to pursue it, you are bound to win with my 100% guarantee.

    1. The first step for you is to make sure you have communicated with bank in written and see what is their communication from their side. You have to let 30 days pass . Now you might have already done this.

    2. Now first file a RTI to bank manager of that same branch on this issue and ask them the rules of opening a locker and fees part as per rules and also how many lockers are free at this moment and how much fixed deposit was taken from the past locker holders in last 5-10 yrs.

    3. Do not let the branch manager that you are going to do this, file the RTI and just wait for his call .

    4. file a request at Banking Ombudsman on this matter online or offline ,whatever works for you.

    Do this much first and get back to me .


    1. Kunal D says:

      Hi Manish,
      Thanks for the swift reply.

      Let me clarify a few aspects here:

      1. I have still not applied for the locker. Should I go ahead and register myself now ?

      2. I am no hurry to get a locker.

      3. I have already filed an official complaint at SBM website and have an acknowledgement that they have got my complaint, but all the 3 responses i got from SBM are via the telephone:

      a. 2 calls from SBM Head Office – Complaint Office
      b. 1 call from the Branch Mgr.

      Should I still wait for an official written communication?
      I am not sure they might have closed my complaint already.

      Its been a week since I filed this complaint. Should I still wait till 30 days lapse and then approach the Banking Ombudsman ?

      4. Can I file an RTI with the Branch Mgr now?

      Kindly do let me know the further course of action.


      1. You can file RTI at any point of time , so go ahead and file a RTI right away . It would be good that first you apply for the LOCKER, so that you have some “date” when you applied, some token number, application number (from the form) .

        So that when you file a RTI , you can mention about it that on which date you applied for it and what was your application number .

        So I suggest first apply for the locker. Now before you more to banking ombudsman , you first need to contact the organisation (in any case) and only if there is no response or unsatisfactory response, you can move to banking ombudsman.

        Also you need to have a proof that you have send a mail or communicated to them , a phone call or verbal thing will not be accepted , because it can be fake 🙂

        So email them, give a letter to them and keep a record and if you get a verbal answer or telephonic answer, please ask them to reply you back . Also if you are bit adventurous , if you get a call (and if you can remember the number) , please record the call so that you have a proof of conversation and what were you told .

        Now once this is done , file a complaint to banking ombudsman . Its going to be slow for sure, but in most of the cases you get a response if you have the patience to follow up and pursue the matter 🙂

        Please reply back once you take some action , I will keep a watch on the thread . Also when you reply, please reply on the comment I have made not a normal comment.


        1. Kunal D says:

          Hi Manish,
          I have an email acknowledgement of my complaint received and have asked SBM to reply to me via an email.

          I will today apply for a locker and get the rent / wait list/other details noted.

          I will later file an RTI with SBM but the person designated at branch to receive my RTI application will be the Br.Mgr as per SBM policies [see link below].

          Should I file it with Br.Mgr or another designate ?


          1. Kunal

            First read this article

            It tells you few things about filing RTI with PSU banks . Now I am not very clear with whom are you in communication with ? It is Branch manager or some normal official at bank . Because the Branch manager will have to be addressed for RTI . So if you are communicating with someone else, then in the RTI also mention the officer name with whom you were communicating .


            1. Kunal D says:

              Hi Manish,
              I have only spoken to the Br Mgr and had a conversation with the person from Head Office who dealt with my online complaint lodged at SBM website.

              I have already made a request to the locker today and have been allotted a waitlist # of 24.

              Here is the RTI letter I am going to post. Do let me know if anything more can be added:

              Information Sought:

              I wish to know the following details with respect to ‘Allotting a Safe Deposit Locker’ at State Bank of Mysore as Branch Manager- ABCDEF, Bangalore and Mr. ABCDEF, Head Office, SBM, Bangalore did not provide satisfactory answers:

              1 .The rules of opening a Safe Deposit Locker.

              2. The fees as per rules for various sizes of lockers.

              3. How many lockers are free at this moment at State Bank of Mysore, ABCDEF Branch, Bangalore.

              4. How much fixed deposit was taken from the past locker holders in last 5-10 yrs at State Bank of Mysore, ABCDEF Branch, Bangalore.

              5. Is a ‘Fixed Deposit’ a mandatory requirement to get a locker allotted ? If yes, what sum is fixed by the bank for various sizes of locker?

              Thanks Manish for your positive help which has given me the much needed boost to fight this case.


            2. Yea I think its good enough 🙂 . Go ahead . Also take a xerox of the RTI letter and hand it over to branch manager in 1-2 days and tell him that he has choice to either reply you now or in 35 days. He can choose whatever he wishes, you are ok with any !


            3. Kunal D says:

              Hi Manish,
              Its 25 days since my RTI application reached the Br.Mgr and still no replies.

              I wish to lodge a complaint with Banking Ombudsman as 30 days have elapsed since my mail to SBM and still no responses.

              I am trying to file an online complaint to the Banking Ombudsman and the complaint form is not getting saved though all required details are input. The form just refreshes and I do not see a success message or a complaint # displayed.

              Does anyone have an idea to file the online complaint to Ombudsman?


            4. Kunal D says:

              Hi Manish & Ashal,
              Its been 30 + 8 days since my RTI application reached SBM officials and still no responses.

              I wish to appeal further within SBM and also with the RTI -State Information Commission.

              Kindly let me know the further process involved and whom to contact in SBM and State Information Commission.

              Note that my earlier complaint was addressed to ‘Asst. Central Public Information Officer (ACPIO)’ who should have forwarded the complaint to ‘Central Public Information Officers (CPIO)’ at SBM.

              Not sure what has happened !

              SBM RTI Links:

              I also tried to lodge an online complaint with the Banking Ombudsman and failed as the complaint did not get registered. Upon sending them a complaint email, no acknowledgement was got. So I am planning to send them the complaint via a registered post.


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