Stamp paper charges

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Dear All,

What is the Stamp paper charges ?

I have taken a propoerty In Ahmedabad,Gujarat. The stamp duty charges is around 6% of total cost .In addition to that what charges of stamp paper I need to pay.My legal papers are made of 25 lacs.


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  1. Dear Jhonty, ooooopps sorry that was a typo error. Please read 2 in place of 32. Rest is OK as I said in my prev. reply for the break up of total 5.9% charges.



  2. jhonty says:

    Thank you Ashal for your quick response as always.

    You mentioned 32 charges to state Govt.?? . i understand 4.9% includes all those.
    And 1 % includes stamp paper charges.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  3. Dear Jhonty, at the time of registration of property there are 32 different charges on needs to pay to state govt. Here I’m specifically mentioning towards Gujarat.

    1. 4.9% of the deal value i.e. 25L Rs. in your case ‘ll be the stamp duty. So it ‘ll be 122500 Rs. in actual
    2. 1% of the deal value ‘ll be the registration charge. So it ‘ll be 25000 Rs. in actual.

    So total expense for you ‘ll be 147500 Rs. + some advocate fee to get the job done for you at the property registrar’s office.

    Hence it ‘ll be 5.9% for you.



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