Splitting Term Insurance among multiple insurers ?

POSTED BY Raja ON March 19, 2014 5:15 pm ONE COMMENT

I have read some contradicting views on this topic. Some people prefer splitting their term covers across different insurers. E.g. 50L in LIC and 50L in Aviva. Some people prefer to go with a single insurer.

As per one friend who works in the insurance industry, it does not matter if you take multiple covers. During the time of settlement, if one company rejects the claim, there is high probability that the other company will also reject it. All insurance companies have access to data pertaining to all your policies and at the time of claim, they can check your records for settlement. So you can never be sure that in case one company rejects your claim, maybe the other will honour it.

What does your experience say? Should we split term covers across 2 or more insurers or go with a single big cover?

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Raja, this question is always debatable. I have said it various time in the past that chances of claim rejection becomes high in case of multiple insurers and if one of them have already rejected the claim.



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