Splitting of Term Insurance policy VS Endowment Plan

POSTED BY deepesh_150 ON January 5, 2015 10:40 am ONE COMMENT

Hello I have been going thru various sites regarding Splitting of Term insurance into 2, and not going for Single policy. Mine query is-

1.Does LIC endowment policy also needs to declared to Pvt company if we go for Term insurance?

2. Can we get Endowment policy gets approved first (incase of any misevent) and once its approved we can go to Pvt company for Term Insurance claim?

3. Is it a unknown potential risk buying Online policy & your Family regretting after say 30 yrs when you find certain flaws..!



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  1. 1. Yes, there is nothing about PVT or PUBLIB , the simple rule is if you buy life insurance, you have to declare previous life insurance policies. PERIOD

    2. No

    3. There is nothing like that. Online policies are as safe as any other mode. Like today you can order a jeans from zovi.com , return or replace it without any additional cost , you can do it in the same way you do it in a shop .


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