Some Questions on my Maxgain HL account

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As mentioned in the below table are the details of my SBI Maxgain HL account for which my EMI has started from Aug 13.Part payment has been made to the builder. I have few quetions related to maxgain account.

Account Number XXXXXXXX
Description SBI H L MAXGAIN AUG12
Book Balance -12,19,840.50
Available Balance 5,53,946.50
Limit 17,73,787.00
Uncleared balance 0.00
Drawing Power 17,73,787.00
Currency INR
Rate of Interest (% p.a.) 10.05%
Lien Amount 0.00

1) I have taken trial to transfer money from my HDFC acc to SBI Maxgain HL account and vise versa. The transaction was succesful. Should I deposit my surplus fund from HDFC saving account to SBI Maxgain HL account. Also how can I see the online result of this deposited amount on my intrest rate of my SBI Maxgain HL account.

2) I am having ATM card of my SBI saving account, when I tried to withdraw money from my SBI Maxgain HL account there were 2 options at the ATM a) Saving and b) Current.

I selected the current account and tried to withdraw money from SBI Maxgain HL account, but my saving acc got debited. Can you pls tell how can I withdraw money through ATM from mySBI Maxgain HL account.

3) Also can you pls tell the meaning’s of the terms mentioned in the above table eg Lien Amt, Drawing power, etc.


Sachin B

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Milind, No, Dinesh has not parked any amount. Out of his total loan amount of 17+L Rs. only 12+L have been disbursed and remaining the to be disburesed loan amount.



  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Sachin, as your loan is partial disbursed, you can only deposit the amount but can not withdraw. So deposit only that much amount which you do not need till final disbursal.

    Please read the SBI Max Gain FAQ article in the main JI site. All the info you are asking for is available there.



    1. MILIND SARAF says:

      dear ashal
      do u mean that dinesh has parked rs. 553946.30 (available balance) in his maxgain account ? and the same amount he his eligible for withdrwal?

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