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POSTED BY Suresh Agarwal ON May 7, 2013 1:02 pm COMMENTS (3)

Dear Sirs

I have my own shop.I am member of society.I pay regularily society & corporation tax which include Drainage line Tax.I have a bathroom with toilet built by me 2 years back.Now I came to know that society has broken the pipeline connecting to drainage line, also blocked chamber with stones & cements.Thus now I can not use the Toilet.

What should I do in such conditions?

Should I FIR at police?

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  1. Dear Suresh, if it’s a legal construction & all the due certificates & procedures are in place, please consult an advocate to file a Criminal case in Police against the forceful ways of society made against you.



  2. Suresh Agarwal says:

    Ashal Sir it is legal construction.

  3. Dear Suresh, was the construction legal or an illegal one? This is not a personal finance issue. It’s Civil issue, please consult an advocate of Civil matters.



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