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Dear Sir,

I’ve been following your blog for some time now & I’m really impressed. I’ve deceided to invest via SIP into mutual funds & before that I would like to run it by you.

I’m 25 with annual income  3 lakhs p.a. I’ve planned on investing 6000 p.m. in mutual funds via SIP with the following mutual funds with growth option:

DSPBR top 100 equity REG  , HDFC Equity G, HDFC Prudence, IDFC GSF PF plan B, Templeton India Low duration, UTI Ctrs 81, UTI opportunities respetively in the following ratio 9:8:10:10:5:9:9. 

My risk appetite is moderate & I’m looking for long term investment.

Do I need to furthur streamline the number of funds from this list? Or is this selection fine with my risk appetite.
Is payment by growth scheme fine for these funds??

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  1. Dear Homagni, on what basis you opted 7 funds? had you checked the underlying portfolio of all the 7 funds? How much diversification is there?



  2. TheZionView says:

    Its good you are starting the investment and SIP is a good mode of investing in MF

    Why do you need 7 funds. It will just create overhead and doesnt help in diversification

    Just keep the 2 funds from the list

    DSPBR top 100 equity REG 3000
    HDFC Equity G 3000

    This will give enough diversification that you need. If you are compelled then you can add a balanced fund

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