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POSTED BY SREEKANTH ON November 18, 2012 8:33 pm COMMENTS (3)

Dear Ashal, Thank u very much for the support every time.

Iam an NRI, 39 years old From South India, my wife is house wife, my girl kid is studying and 9 years old and boy kid is studying and 5 years old.I am started investing from April 2012 under guidance of one person who works in AXIS Bank.

Investment amount : 21,000 INR Per month.

Hdfc children gift fund ( 5k) , gold sachman ETF 2 Units ( 6k), idfc premium equity ( 2.5K) , birla sunlife equity ( 2.5k), icici prudential discovery ( 2.5K), dws agro business off shore ( 2.5k).
it is been put to have a good corpus after some time.

please suggest whether my investment is good ?


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  1. Dear Sreekanth, please consolidate your money from HDFC Child gift & DWS Agri fund into one fund Quantum Long Term. Eq. Fund. Out of the 7.5K money you may diver 2.5K towards IDFC Prem. Eq. to make it 5K & QLTEF 5K mly investments.

    By the way, are you in Gulf or USA being an NRI? Why I’m asking so? My dear friend, if you are in gulf, it’s ok no issue but if you are in USA, your global income ‘ll be taxed & no matter you are actually redeeming or not from your Indian MFs, the gains ‘ll be taxable. Please take note of this.



  2. Its fine i would say . Not great !

    You might want to reevaluate your ULIP and the DSW fund (I have not looked at it in detail) .


    1. SREEKANTH says:

      Dear Manish, Please look my mail in detail and guide me. i want to fix it for 5 to 6 years.
      please guide me urgently.


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