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POSTED BY sagar ON July 21, 2012 11:11 pm ONE COMMENT

I hv been reading this website since last 2-3 weeks. The articles and discussions here have considerably motivated me to look seriously into my personal finance. Out of my 40 K income , I have pushed myself to keep aside atleast 10K a month for monthly investments. Now the question is ” How do I distribute this 10K into different mutual funds/GoldETFs ? ”

Advice doesn’t come free but still I request Jago-investorites here to guide me in money allocation.

PS : I am 23, Single and recently purchased a under construction property which will start asking for EMIs of 25K after 2 yrs.

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  1. In your situation , I would suggest you keep money in Balanced funds , so that in case you want to pay off some part of your loan early, you can take out the money from it .

    Just do a SIP of 5k each in HDFC Prudence and DSPBR top 100 (not a balanced fund)


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