SIP or Flexible RD or STP which one is better?

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Hi Manish,

I would like to know the benifit of doing SIP or flexible RD or ULIP? which one is better? If SIP is good then which one is good ? I am planning to put 2k/month. Please suggest which one is good.

One more question:

I would like to do the Term insurance of 50lac-1crore, where in I am looking for accendetal benifit. Could you please suggest good Term insurance? 


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  1. Lakshmipathy G says:


    Can you invest your time in increasing your financial knowledge, So that you can answer yourself?

    Have you read these books?

    Jago Investor: change your relationship with Money.
    Retrie Rich Rs 40 a day PV Subramaniam

  2. BanyanFA says:

    I believe the first step is to know what is your goal which you want to fulfil. I believe, what ever your goal / time horizon is, ULIP can be ignored.

    RD is a good instrument to have a debt component in your portfolio. But if you have a long term investment horizon, it won’t achieve much of your goal. Or if it would, you would have to invest a lot to get to your goal;
    SIP into Equity funds would help you achieve your long term goal, as their returns are better than RD. For just 2K per month, I would advise to go for :
    1K into HDFC Equity Fund
    1K into HDFC Balanced Fund

    Again, I am not sure of your background and hence my suggestion is based upon a lot of assumptions.

  3. unless you are clear about why you investing and when you need the money for your question cannot be answered.

    if someone asks which is better apples or oranges what can you say?

    Manish has an article on Term insurance please that read and decide.

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