SIP Investment in Mutual funds for kids future

POSTED BY SM ANAND ON October 20, 2012 1:36 pm COMMENTS (2)

Pls provide Your expert advise for my Kids Future.
I am 42 Years Old and have

Girl -13 Year studying 8 th Std and
Boy- 7 Years Studying 2nd Std.
Preferred to Invest Rs. 10 Thousand/month in the best mutual Funds or any other insvestments which give good returns in 10 Years for my kids


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  1. sareen mohan says:

    pls also go through jagoinvester facebook page for an interesting topic on investing in mutual funds as sip…

  2. sareen mohan says:

    hello anand..
    recently was planning do the same thing and hence did some researches on various plans…here are the findings.. please note any plan u choose have to be continued at least for 10 yrs to get the maximum out of it..
    taken all the data’s from for last 10 yrs
    1. hdfc top 200 (g) : 10000 pm for 10 yrs gave 39,53,822 rs
    2. hdfc equity fund(g): 10000 pm for 10 yrs gave 39,37,402 rs
    3) sbi magnum fmcg fund: 10000 pm for 10 yrs gave 47,36,195 rs
    4) sbi magnum contra fund : 10000 pm for 10 yrs gave 38,57,873 rs
    5) reliance growth fun: 10000 pm for 10 yrs gave 42,78,070 rs

    these are just examples..
    pls also Google for some more funds and just do the sip calculations in or any other suitable websites will give u a fair idea on which one to choose..
    from my research i found that mutual funds would benefit only on long run and also u have to choose a good time to exit …may not get the best results if u try to withdraw when market is 2 much down affecting the nav..

    also pls think about dividing the 10000 to 3 X 3000 for three different funds just to make sure u’r entire money will not loose on only one project..

    best of luck and hope this made some sense


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