SIP in Mutual fund for 30 years

POSTED BY swarup ON July 3, 2013 10:28 am COMMENTS (3)

Dear Madam/Sir,


I am now 28 years old and had started investing in Mutual Fund through SIP since 2011.

I am investing Rs 2000/- per month each in 1. HDFC Top 200, 2. SBI Emerging Business Fund and 3. IDFC Premium Equity since 2011

By 2040 will I be able to accumulate around 5 crore?

If not,  then please suggest an ideal combination of mutual funds with total investment not exceeding Rs. 8000 per month.




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  1. Sumit says:


    You are expecting more than 18% return, which is virtually unattainable considering current situation and growth, please soften your expectation. And no one will guarantee you any rate of return and how much you can accumulate.
    The funds you have mentioned here have good track record, but I would not construct my portfolio only with these 2 mid-caps (around 66%) and 1 large-mid cap (around 33%) funds, if I were you.

    1. swarup says:

      Dear Mr Amit,

      Can u please suggest me a combination of 4-5 mutual funds for a time horizon of 25-30 years?


  2. Dear Swarup, please do calculate on your own, @ 8K mly investing to become 5Cr. Rs. what should be your Rate of Interest?



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