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dear sir/madam i can spare 100000 pm for 10 years for sip……….which funds to invest….dont want balanced fund …….want a pure equity solution……liqiudity is not a problem….wont be redeeming the funds to meet any emergencies… 

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  1. Dear Nikhil, as you are already having 1Cr. Rs. as surplus, split it into this way.

    20L – contingency fund
    15L – for education of your elder kid
    10L – for education of y’ger kid
    10L – for marriage of elder kid
    10L – for marriage of y’ger kid
    35L – for your own retirement

    After this split, invest the split amount into Eq. funds (except contingency fund). Start investing those 1L Rs. mly also in Eq. funds.

    You can easily reach to your target for each goal’s inflation adjusted figure at the desired time frame.



  2. Dear Nikhil, do you have 1Cr. Rs. surplus with you right now?



    1. nikhil chopra says:

      yes ashal i have the money …..your advice will be helful

    2. nikhil chopra says:

      yes ashal i have the surplus money……..your advice will be very helpful….

      waiting for your reply


  3. Ramesh says:

    I will recommend a Direct Investment in a single fund. Choose any of HDFC Equity / DSP BR Equity / Franklin Prima Plus / Reliance Regular Savings Fund. All of these are fairly good. Any one will be sufficient.

  4. Dear Nikhil, why do you want to invest? Do you have any goal? Blind investing is like travelling in a train without knowing your destination? Are you ready for this endless journey?

    It’s very easy to say that I can bear risk but in actual to digest the erosion in hard earned money is totally different thing. Why are you opposing balanced funds? Any reason for that?

    Please do not understand me wrong, I’m asking these questions to understand your own thought process.



    1. nikhil chopra says:

      thanks for the reply my goals are as follows: all goals were set in 2011 all are 20+ years away

      money to sister 3500000 @2011 money value will give her in 20 year
      education child one 1000000 born in 2011 money required in 15 years
      education child two 1000000 (unborn) maybe 20 years
      marriage child one 3500000 @2011 money value …..required in 20 years time
      marriage child one 3500000 @2011 money value…required in 25 years time
      retirement 5000000 @2011 money value….required in 25 years time
      contigency 5000000@2011 money value….required in 25 years time

      inflation cosideration 10%
      surplus investable 1 crores plus 1 lakh p.m. for 15 years


  5. invest 60-70% in large cap funds and rest in small- and mid-cap funds

    Use this step by step guide to choose funds yourself

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