SIP for 5+ year – Suggestions needed

POSTED BY Dev ON March 16, 2015 10:56 pm COMMENTS (6)

I am planning to start SIP for 5 + years , this for long term purpose. I am completely looking for Equity funds, no need for any debt/balanced funds, and i am having substantial part of FD in my portfolios.

I am looking for aggressive risk portfolio. Please let me know whether this following portfolio will suit my need.

UTI Equity Fund(G) – INR 1000
ICICI Pru Focused BlueChip Eq Fund – INR 1000
Franklin India Smaller Cos Fund(G) – INR 1500
HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund(G) – INR 1500.

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  1. amit raghav says:

    Hi, you can go for Icici Pru considering the kind of investment you are looking for. For large cap this seems to be the best option.

  2. Dev says:

    Thanks Debojyoti Das for your comments.

    Actually this is for wealth creation purpose and it will be used for retirement purpose.

    The reason for Mid and small cap for the choice is to see for shorter span of time, of course for longer tenure, i will be rebalancing it and provide more room for long caps in my portfolio.

    Beside, i have FD, so not interested to Debt funds , only allocation to be equity funds.

  3. Debojyoti Das says:

    Forgot to add, imagine the time-frame is exactly 5 yrs. and you have bear market during 2020. what will happen to your mid-cap and small-cap funds. It will badly affect you as during bear market, mid and small cap fund are highly affected (read equity).
    P.S: Always try to come out of equity 3-5 yrs. before the actual goal and shift the fund to Debt/Liquid. Why? None of us know about Market, we may loose all our money if we don’t act smartly.


  4. Debojyoti Das says:

    Hi Dev,
    If Ashal would have answered your question for SIP in MF for 5 yrs., he would have recommend you only Liquid fund/Debt fund.
    It is very important to have the goal and actual time-frame for which you are investing. 5+ yrs. can be 5yrs 1 month or it can be 10yrs. or 20yrs. as well for your retirement.
    I am no expert to comment on your selection, however, analyze the fund based on time-frame. The funds are very good with good star rating and also you have covered all sectors, Large, mid and small-cap. You can better allign these funds with your goal (retirement, child education, marriage, etc) which will give you figure of actual time-frame and you can go ahead.


  5. Dev says:

    I have received this recommended SIP portfolio from Fundsindia based on my request related to aggressive risk portfolio.

    Before moving on investment, would like to get more input from our MF fourm members of this site.

  6. Hemanth says:

    this looks fine as u r considering largecap, small cap, mid caps….

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