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POSTED BY SREEKANTH ON June 13, 2012 8:13 pm COMMENTS (3)

dear ashal and ramesh, thanks for your advise

i have invested in SIP in mfs as 20k per month.

5k on hdfc children gift fund
5.8k on gold bees
2.5k each on idfc premier equity, icici prudential discovery fund, birla sunlife front line equity, dws agricutltrure global off shore.

i am thinking of investing 10k more, shall i increase the money on the present funds or go for new funds. tenure : 10 years returns 9% and more

thanks & regards

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  1. Dear Sreekanth, Instead of posting similar question in new thread, it’s advisable to keep posting in the older one for your own good as you w’d not have to keep track of multiple posts.

    Regarding increasing your SIP amount, yes you should invest in your existing funds only.



    1. SREEKANTH says:

      dear ashal,

      10k additional, please split into which funds?

      please advise


      1. Dear Sreekanth, this time please do not increase your Gold exposure for these 10K Rs. & invest in remaining funds but do not increase in that DWS agri fund also.



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