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Sir I am 28 years of age and by CTC is 6.5 Lakhs. I am depositing Rs 5000/month in PPF and Rs 2000/month in SIP- HDFC Top 200 for last 2 years. Now I want to start another SIP of Rs 2000/month for a time horizon for 25 years. Please suggest me a scheme suitable for me.

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  1. Dear Swarup, as of now HT200 & IDFC or |SBI EB can be kept in 1:1 ratio. Do check the performance at least once in a year & in case of successive fall in performance for 5-6 quarters, should be the time to switch to some other fund.

    Please do not invest blindly for next 20-25 years in the same fund.



  2. swarup says:

    For 25 years horizon will a combination of Hdfc top 200 & idfc premium equity in 1:1 (equal) proportion a good bet?

    Can sbi emerging business fund be also added?

  3. swarup says:

    Dear Madam/Sir,

    In that case I can deposit the same amount (say Rs 60000) on 1st April 2013 in Tax saving Fixed Deposit of banks and can have higher return ( 9.5% – CUB, Deutche Bank are offering) instead of depositing in PPF.

    What is your comment on that ?

    1. Dear Swarup, in case of PPF, the return is tax free where as for tax saver FD the interest received is taxable. So the 9.5% coupon rate ‘ll not be your actual return. Your actual return may be far below the PPF rate based upon your tax slab.

      Please think over it.



  4. Dear Krithika, thanks for helping me out by posting the prev. article link. Dear Swarup, please do spend a little bit of your very precious time in reading & understanding past article in the main site ( as well as past discussions here in forum.



  5. Krithika K says:

    This article from the JI blog, will help you understand the benefit of depositing between 1 and 5th of april. I myself set an reminder to do the same.

  6. Nitin says:

    @Ashal: Please ignore my previous question as I already got answer from your post in some other thread.

    1. swarup says:

      Dear Ashal, Can you please tell me the benefits depositing full year amount in PPF between 1st to 5th April every year instead of depositing it every month (1st to 5th)?

  7. Nitin says:

    @Ashal: What is the benefit of depositing full year amount in PPF between 1st to 5th April every year instead of depositing it every month (1st to 5th)?

    Please clarify?

  8. Dear Swarup, what about your term cover, health cover, emergency funds…..? Why are you not depositing full 60000 Rs. in PPF between 1st to 56th April every year?



  9. Vikash says:

    Since you already investing in Large Cap fund and your time horizon is 25 years, go with IDFC Premier Equity Fund (growth)

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