Should I take new LIC e-term policy and dump old offline term plan ?

POSTED BY bhongalepd ON June 10, 2014 8:58 am NO COMMENTS


I have taken lic jeevan amulya term policy(offline) before 2 years of sum assured 50lakh for 32years term. i have paid 2 premiums annually til date. premium for this was Rs. 14350/- . now as per lic’s new e-term policy premium for me for current age(28Yrs) for 50lakh sum assured is Rs. 7809/- for 35 years term.

Please guide me , whether i have to break my old jeevan amulya policy and buy new e-term policy or continue as it is. also i want to buy HDFC click 2 protect term policy of 50lakh s.a. as my total insurance will be 1cores. also give the drawbacks of lic’s new e-term policy over old offline jeevan amulya term policy.

thank you.

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