Should I take health insurance now or after marriage ?

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I am single and want to take health insurance..will be getting married in coming year or next two years..

But i am thinking whether i should take health insurance now or after marriage as then i can opt for health insurance floater plan that will be cheap for me …

kindly suggest….

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Tushar, as your mother is already diabetic, not many insurers ‘ll come forward to cover her. So it’s upto you to decide high prem. from Apollo or low prem. but long waiting period from Aegon.



  2. says:

    Thanks..ashal & mohan…i understood your point..

    i will appreciate ,if u give your view on Religare care Health insurance policy…as i am 30 yrs old..
    Also i am looking for health insurance for my mother (daibetic,59yrs old).like religare care .But waiting period is 4 years..that is long period…
    if i look Apollo energy diabetic plan..then premium is will disturb my budget..kindly suggest

  3. Mohan Shetty says:

    I think you can buy it now for individual and after marriage you can buy it with family floater.

  4. ashalanshu says:

    Dear tushar, are you sure that in next 2-3Y, before your mariage, nothing serious health issue ‘ll crop up? If you are so sure of your future, you should not purchase the insurance.



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