Should I retain my ULIP BSLI Dream Plan – By Further paying more ?

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Hello Sir I have invested in 2 BSLI Dream Plans since 28/12/2009 with Sum Assured 62,835.00 for a plan with annual premium of Rs; 4,998 with current Unit Fund Value 10,187.76 and another plan of Rs; 15,009 annual Premium with sum assured of RS 212,105.00 and with current Unit Fund Value 37,098.80 and I have paid the premium of the last 3 years as 3 years was a lock in period of the plans and did not give the premium of the 4 year and now again the premium is due, so my question was that should I give the premium and continue with the plan or just hold on with the policy, all the funds of these 2 plans have been invested in Enhancer (ULIF00213/03/01BSLENHANCE109).

Please look into my query and reply, would there be any additional charges as i have missed my premium payment for the 3 rd year.

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear DrGaurav, what do you want to do with the policy? if it’s meant for investment, you should pay all the due prem. If it’s just for risk coverage, very soon, your fund value ‘ll diminish and policy ‘ll lapsed due to not enough money to pay the risk prem..



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