should I make my Jeevan Tarang Policy paid up now ?

POSTED BY puneet.bob ON December 28, 2013 1:13 pm ONE COMMENT

I have a Jeevan tarang policy that i bought in 2008 for with a SA of 630,000, for a 15 year term at the age of 25 years the premium for which came out to be 43926 yearly, till today i have paid 6 premiums, So total premium investment till now is 263556 , also the bonus that has been paid to me for 5 years (6th year bonus will be paid next year) 143640 even if i consider the average bonus to be paid for the 6th year then the total bonus could be somewhere around 170,000.

Now if i compare my total return from Jeevan tarang to the PPF return in 6 years then the clear winner is Jeevan tarang with a big margin however if i go ahead till 10 year premium payment then also the Winner is Jeevan Tarang (presuming same average return i got rather took the lower side) but with a Small margin, Also i’m clear that i will make Jeevan tarang paid up but i was little confused on time, My question i should i make the policy Paidup now or should i continue till 10th premium ? ( In any case i will not continue after 10 years)

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Puneet, did you get the paid up value quote from LIC? Please arrange it and then only compare with any other investment.



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