Should I do SIP in this bull market ?

POSTED BY itoocaninvest ON August 27, 2014 12:58 pm COMMENTS (3)

I have just started my investment journey. Recently started sip in 3 mutual funds. I know they say time in the market is more important than timing the market. But knowing that Sensex is at all time high, whatever I buy now will not give me a good return. In the long run, these units which I am buying now will lower my return.

Is my way of thinking wrong? If it is wrong, then where should I invest in a bull market then?

My investment horizon is ~15 year

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  1. jinesh shah says:

    Disciplined investment is the key word. If your goal is long term say 15/20 years why u want to (book profit, redeem, exit etc) reasons such as markets r high!!!. As pointed by sumit (can u vouch that markets are ripe for exit). History suggests that People who hold on with conviction have got phenomenal returns !!!

  2. Sumit says:

    Market is at all time high, but you will never know where it will be heading from here…
    If Sensex reaches 32000 in 2 years, you will be thinking that buying at 26000 would have been much better, that why SIP. You are not going to invest lumpsum right, so SIP is better is any market, for longer term horizon (like 15 years of yours).


    1. Dr.Sachin says:

      Dear sumit.
      iN the same way do i need to book profit from equity mutual funds(SIPs) now in this bull run, if i dont need the money now?

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