Shall I redeem Reliance Growth and SBI Magnum Contra ?

POSTED BY dreamsshinu ON November 7, 2013 11:35 am COMMENTS (2)

I am invested in reliance growth(D),sbi magnum contra (d) in 2007 jan .even I earned some dividend also it returns not up to market.I also invested goldman sach CNX 500 fund  reliance RSF equity and SBI Magnum Tax gain . This also not so good performing.Shall I redeem and invest some other performing fund.Please advice



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  1. battula says:


    It’s not advisable to completely put all your investments into equity,though they can give you better returns. Diversify your investments from the early stage itself,but the ratio of fixed income can be very less(10-20%) at the beginning, which can be increased going forward.


  2. Sumit Nandy says:

    These funds have decent past records, but are beaten down lately, and under-performing its benchmark.

    You can stop investing sbi magnum contra and SBI tax gain fund , and invest in new large/mod like – QLTEF or UTI Opp fund, and better ELSS funds – Axis, ICICI tax plan etc.
    You can wait for some more time for reliance funds, and then move to better performing funds.


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