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i posted one article from this series a few days back, this series of LA times is awesome, at least i find it very useful, but can we take a cue from these articles and see what can be done here in india in case of financial planning? can we rewrite all this from an indian point of view of investing and financial planning? i request all the experts to just step into this post and share your valuable opinions. 

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article 2 –,0,7409782.story

article 3 –,0,7475319.story

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article 5 –,0,7606393.story

article 6 –,0,7671930.story



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  1. Ajinkya Darshane says:

    yup…very true…according to me, time required to be literate at anything is small but wisdom comes after many efforts, thats the most hard fact to digest..

  2. Dear Ajinkya, nothing can beat the self leanring or self planning but how many of us are ready to devote our time for it. Yes most of these people can sit 3-4 Hrs. in front of Idiot Box & chearing for an IPL team…… SAd but true.



  3. Ajinkya Darshane says:

    i know this tendency, but now life has become so complex that many tricky situations arise, for eg. a guy who has taken home loan, suddenly realizes that he is into a wrong profession, still early years for him, so not a big cash reserve so at the age of 25 he is in gr8 need of monthly income, just emergency fund is not enough…i know meticulous planning is the way to go forward…but understanding of the basics to its fullest, looking at it creatively, personalizing the info available, reduces the troubles
    for a 10 to 7 jobber, there is always a simple and easy plan that a financial planner can design, but for other categories, being thorough with the financial wisdom is must…so lets reject what is nonsense and praise what is good, take the best of everything and make our own…

  4. Dear Ajinkya, I did n’t said that these articles are complex. I’m discussing the general behavior of investors. If the things offered to them are not complex, people don’t merit the things.



  5. Ajinkya Darshane says:

    go ahead and add these links to your resources page, please don’t mention my name in the credits because i was just googling one day and i found this..:-) there is no extra effort taken for this..share it on your blog without my name..thanx!

  6. Dear Ajinkya,

    Thanks for putting this up. It is a very good series of articles. I just read lesson 6 and found it very good simple clear advice. If it is okay with you I will put these links in my blogs ‘resources’ page with a credit to you.

  7. Ajinkya Darshane says:

    @ashal – thanks for sharing this

    i am sharing these articles only to simplify ‘diversification’, a concept often confused with asset allocation, it covers some important concepts. just go through these articles, and just post it here, what according to is overly complex in these articles? lets discuss some things and then go towards attained ‘simplicity’

  8. Dear Ajinkya, I’m writing below a plain financial plan for each & every individual. Now interestingly almost all people ‘ll go for complexity & not simplicity. Still I’m trying. Here ti goes.

    1. Keep 12 months expenses as emergency fund
    2. Purchase Adequate Term cover
    3. Purchase adequate health cover
    4. Start investing from the first salary of your life
    5. Start small & do not wait for big money
    6. Invest in a basket of investment vehicles – PF, PPF, FDs, MFs, Gold
    7. Invest in yourself – for your career grwoth as well as for your health & family life
    8. Do not opt debt for concumption, opt it only for asset creation. it start with Education loan & ends with your home loan (for self occupied house). any other loan is strictly no-no.



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