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POSTED BY Rajat Bhatia ON March 20, 2013 9:19 pm COMMENTS (4)


It’s not cool to predict the share market, but I just want – what other people think – can sensex dip down to 15K-16K in near future? Is it advisable to keep some extra money (apart from SIPs) on hand to invest (may be lump sum in MFs) when market dips significantly?

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  1. Karthik says:

    When I started investing in Equities (Direct and MF) 6 years back, I was totally against SIP and wanted to time the market to get more gains. I repeated the mistake of Buying at high and selling at low.
    I started following JI blog and forum only since last March 2012, and I have started MF SIPs from then. I am also adding some lumpsum amounts (as Zionview said), at each 5% dips

  2. Dear Rajat, what ‘ll you do if opposite happens i.e. Sensex touches mount 22K or 23K in next few days or months?



  3. TheZionView says:

    Ok ask yourself this…sensex goes to 15K in another week and then you invest the amount.
    Then cyprus(country) goes down then overall sentiment is bleak and sensex goes down to 10-12K what will you do?

    So we cant predict the movement and make our bet. This 2-3% fall in a long term will not make a difference.

    If you want to follow a process keep something simple like if Sensex falls more than 5% in a week then i will add more.

    Do not keep a point like 15 or 16K and invest its not going to work best.

    Templeton famously said “The best time to invest is when you have money. This is because history suggests it is not timing which matters, it is time.”

  4. Forget the market movement and invest systematically according to your goals. If the sensex does plunge further and if you have extra cash in your hand then invest. Dont loose sleep over this now.

    Remember having extra cash also implies your goal planning is not fully in place. So I would work on that first.

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