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dear members,
kindly suggest me a good health insurance for me amd my family.

i m already having one with national insurance for last 4 years , have not made any claim so far.
As i think i m underinsured ( Rs 2 lacs only) and it is renewable only upto 65 years, i m planning to switch over to another company. i have zeroed on apollo munich as it is providing insurance for entire life and there is no copayment or sublimits , plus premium is also reasonable.
needs opinion of house.

my inlaws ( father in law : 62 years , controlled hypertensive on medication , otherwise very fit
and mother in law : 60 year old with no medical ailment )
are not medically insured.
is it possible and advisible to include them along with my family floater plan OR to go for separate health insurance plan for them?
kindly suggest a good heath plan for them also.

thanks in advance
–dr prasoon

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  1. Vishal Nagpal says:

    Look for the family floater plan from Max Bupa, one of the best health insurance providers of India. The health plans actually suits you and your family. I was looking out for a similar plan for my family and I found out the Family First plan from Max Bupa which can cover 13 relationships in your family. There is no age limit for enrollment, you can easily string your parents to the plan. Hopes, this helps you out… 🙂

  2. Dear Dr. Prasoon, I’m asking to purchase mediclaim policy for your in laws where your wife ‘ll be proposer. She may purchase a family floater policy cover herself & her parents only. The total prem. outgo ‘ll be available for tax benefit under section 80D 15K max. for herself & 20K max. for her parents. She may purchase 3 individual policies also, one for herself & 1 each for parents.

    Apollo is a good player. Please read all the T & C before purchasing any plan. Keeping the age of your in laws in mind, not many insurer ‘ll be ready to come forward & insure them.



  3. Dear Dr. Prasoon, health policy portability is available now in India. First of all please check with Apollo for porting of your policy to them from national insurance. Alternatively please purchase a fresh policy of a higher SA from Apollo if porting is not possible due to reasons not acceptable to you.

    For your aged in laws, it makes sense to go for individual policy for them. Both are 60+, hence there is every possibility that in next few years, there ‘ll be claims & due to which the loading ‘ll happen to your family floater policy which in turn may not be cost effective to you.

    If your wife is also earning, I ‘ll ask you to purchase that in laws mediclaim policy though your wife as it ‘ll help her to save additional amount on tax under section 80D for the prem. paid upto 20K Rs. as both her parents are Sr. citizen.



    1. anand says:

      dear ashal ji,
      thanks a lot for helping me again with your sound advice.
      As my wife is covered in same family floater plan along with me and my son , are u suggesting her to take separate individual policy besides the floater plan, and then include her parents with her ? and yes ,she is working.

      is apollo munich a good choice ?
      kindly suggest individual policies for my inlaws.

      dr prasoon

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