Selection of mutual fund and life insurance is right or should i make some chnages??

POSTED BY Mohit kumar singh ON January 8, 2013 9:15 am COMMENTS (3)

I like to share my investment portfolio and need advise that I am going in the right way or should I make some changes in my portfolio.


Right now my age is 28 years and I am investing in following three mutual funds through SIP (Systematic investment plan) since Feb 2012,


· DSP BLACKROCK TOP 100 EQUITY FUND- GROWTH : Investing (1000/month)

· FIDELITY EQUITY FUND- GROWTH : Investing (1000/month)

· IDFC PREMIER EQUITY FUND PLAN A- GROWTH : Investing (2000/month)


Beside the above mutual funds I am having insurance policy‘’Future Saral Anand’’ and yearly premium of same is 12000/ year and premium payment term for this policy is 15 years,


I like to know about return after 5~10 years if I continue investment in all above three mutual funds, also the benefits from insurance policy after its maturity or in case of any miss happening with me, and this policy is sufficient or should I take another policy or term plan.


& I am wiling to invest 3000/month extra from Jan 2013, so in which fund should I make a new start.

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  1. Dear Mohit, all the funds opted by you are great. Please continue with these & increase the amount as & when you want to.
    Regarding life insurance, please stop that COMPLICATE NO ANAND. Yes it’s only the name, nothing else is saral or anand.

    Please purchase a term plan of at least 15-18 times of your yly income. Just FYI, keeping in mind your age & the prem. you are paying for this policy, you can easily have more than 1 Crore Rs. term cover from online policies & still left some money in your pocket.



  2. please do remember to review the performance of your MFs each year

  3. your mf funds are good. You dont need a new fund you could just invest more in these funds.

    Returns after 10 years in a largecap fund could be about 12% and about 14% in mid-cap funds conservatively.
    Over 5 years I would not expect more than 10% overall.

    You definitely need to get pure term insurance.

    Reg. your Saral anand policy you need to evaluate (after you get pure life insurance) its usefulness.
    What is the return expected? Will this beat inflation in the long run. How much will I get when I surrender it. Or can I stop paying premiums and make the policy paid up.
    I would expect returns to be lower than MFs in the long run.

    Of course all this depends on your financial goals at what stages in life you need money etc.

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