Selecting Stocks for investments

POSTED BY K ON July 28, 2011 5:13 pm COMMENTS (4)

Hi All,


My Question is:

1)How do you select stocks for Fundamental analysis for value investing? or What factors attract you to do research for the company?


2) Again how and what factors would you see for analysing a stock in Technical terms (Technical analysis)


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  1. jignesh says:

    Thats a straight answer for question….

  2. Jagadees says:

    For fundamentals, you can start with this book – The Little Book That Still Beats the Market – Joel greenblatt. Then you can build on.


  3. K there are atleast 1000 books written to cover what you have asked ; Its totally impossible to teach you that here in few para . I suggest you read some good books on fundamental analysis and technical analysis .

    ALso there are many articles on net which you can refer


    1. K says:

      thanx a lot for your response….

      hope if you could share few good names on technical and fundamentls here…would be helpful

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