SBI ULIP surrender

POSTED BY Raghu Nandan ON September 12, 2012 12:03 pm COMMENTS (2)

I took sbi ulip on 2010, till now i paid two installments, i have to pay 3rd installment by i am planning to stop to pay 3rd installment, can any one help me how much amount i will get after finish the locking period, I paid two installments (1 lack) now the fund value is 84 thousand, nav is 11rs.
Suppose if i surrender from this policy with out paying 3rd installment how much amount I will get, i spoke with customer care guys, agent but no use!


Policy details: sbi ulip (flexi protect fund 2), locking period is 3yrs,1st payment was happened on 2010,2nd install paid on 2011,fund value is 84k by sep 2012.


Please let me know how much amount i will get if I surrender after 2nd year.


your answer is very valuble to me since decision has to take early.

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  1. Dhinesh Kumar says:

    Smart ULIP is a NAV Guaranteed plan…if you surrender the plan in 2nd year/3rd year – i think you have to pay some surrender charges which may be up to 9 – 10 %( I am not so sure ).to avoid charges better pay for the 3rd instalment and then you can surrender it when you get a positive return on it

  2. Roshan DMello says:

    Dear Raghu,

    Plz. read this, then u can decide urself what to do…

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