SBI Term Insurance plan… need help

POSTED BY Mahalakshmi ON November 23, 2011 12:03 am COMMENTS (3)

I would like to take term insurance for 50L, i compared your Term insurance chart which you have posted already. I prefer SBI term insurance as the premium seems cheaper when compare to other companies. can u pls tell me whether i can go ahead with SBI term insurane or other Company..

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  1. DP says:

    Dear Mahalaxmi, as rightly shared by Manish, Kotak n Aviva are providing the most economical term plans even in offline mode.

    Moreover, it is also important to look at claim repudiation ratio.

    For Kotak I can commit with authority on claims as well since their last year claim rejection/repudiation ratio is 3%.



  2. Dear Mahalakshmi, As you referred the chart prepared by dear manish, I assume you are looking for an offline term product. For the given situation if you are comfortable with IciciPru, my take ‘ll be to go for I-Protect offline version. It’s one of the cheapest & easiest to go for.



  3. Mahalakshmi

    Is the premium cheapest , because there are many other players like Aviva , Kotak and now HDFC which has low premiums . If you want SBI and have trust on them , then you can go ahead with them


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