SBI smart shield or LIC term insurance ?

POSTED BY Chandrakant Sharma ON September 10, 2013 2:26 pm COMMENTS (5)


Can someone please guide me, which term insurance i should opt?

SBI smart shield or LIC amulya jeevan. ?

Which company is trustworthy? 

LIC’s premium is high as compare to SBI. What could be the reason. Both companies are gov company ?


Please suggest.



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  1. Genoa says:

    All insurance companies are fully regulated by IRDA. Therefore, all kinds of insurance policies like traditional, pure term, health, unit-linked, etc are issued with prior permission of IRDA

    SBI and LIC are both good companies in insurance fields. However, LIC leads the pack

    Premium of LIC could be higher due to additional riders in the policy like
    – Critical Illness Rider
    – Waiver of Premium Rider
    – Permanent & Partial Disability Rider and so on..

    Read the insurance terms & regulations very very carefully. Then, buy the best policy

  2. Chandrakant Sharma says:


    Dude I dont have enough knowledge in this area. So you cant get enough info from my side. Whereas I can share my knowledge of IT (information technology) here, which is ultimately not useful in this blog. 🙂

    thanks for reply. But awaiting more replies on it.


  3. Dear Chandrakant, You raised the query for Trust? I was counter questioning on that count.

    In case you are interested only a direct spoonfed answer, here it is. LIC is using old mortality table whereas SBI is using new one. Also the Agent commission is different in both products. That’s the reason of differential prem.

    I hope, now you can easily decide which one to opt for. 🙂

    One more thing I want to clear here. My approach is to get answer from the knowledge within you. Most of the time, people get the answers from these counter questioning. Some people may like it & some may not but that’s how I try to help you people.



  4. Chandrakant Sharma says:


    I think you may not read the post properly, where i mentioned that LIC’s premium is high,though both companies are gov company. Whereas SBI’s premium is less as compare to LIC’s. I just wanted to know the reason of less premium charge by SBI.

    It would be better to answer a post rather that asking counter question here.


  5. Dear Chandrakant, from your query, what do you interpret from Govt. company? Do you mean to say, even if there is a false claim in your policy, these companies ‘ll honor it?



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