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POSTED BY dilip ON June 4, 2011 1:18 pm COMMENTS (3)

I got a call from SBI Life agent about the new policy called “shubh Nivesh”.He told me that if i invest 50000pa for 5years i will get 350000(approx) and will get insurance worth 200000 for 100 years.I read about the policy in their website but not able to understand. and Since return percentage is good,Can any tell me how good is this policy in full details

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  1. Dilip

    Insurnace cost for 30 yrs , 50 yrs and 100 yrs has differnece for few rupees . It does not make sense to take insurance for 2 lacs for 100 yrs .

    You can do much better with those 50k payment for 5 yrs, go simple .


    1. dilip says:

      Thank you.Please give a review about LIC’s new Health Policy “jeevan Arogya”

  2. Ramesh says:


    When do you get that money (350000)? And is it guaranteed?

    Insurance worth 2 lakhs for 100 years. both ways, it is senseless.

    What exactly do you want? Please define.

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