SBI Saving Plus account Minute Details (MOD facility)

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SBI Saving plus Scheme: Minute Details

Please clarify

1. SBI saving plus account, if we breat a MOD before maturity(say 1 year term), do sbi bank charge panalty?

2. My Threshhold Limit is 5000, I have total 10000 in my account. So will i get FD ROI on 5000 rupees which is more than threshold limit? or I will start getting FD rate on amount which i deposit above 10000, say 2000 rupee.
So will i get 8% (assume FD rate ) on 2000 rupee and 4% on 10000 rupee which is minimum required.

3. say i have some 50k in my account and term selected for my MOD is 1 year 1 day. and interest rate for 1 year and above is 9%( assume). But i withdraw that 40k from my account after 9th months.
Will i get ROI on 40k as 4% which is normal interest or i will get 6month FD ROI 6%(assume it is FD rate for 6 month deposit).

4. Through Online where can see that my balance has been converted to MOD.


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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Dev, please read the FAQs from sbi site, most of the info is is available.



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