SBI Multicity Cheque Issue

POSTED BY Ramkumar ON July 2, 2012 8:08 am COMMENTS (4)

Hi All,

I work in B’lore. I have an SBI account in one of its branches in Coimbatore, TN. Couple of weeks back I had to submit a cheque worth Rs2 lacs for ‘self’ in one of the branches in Trivandrum, Kerala. It was a multicity SBI cheque but still I was charged RS300. I talked to manager and he was saying since the cheque was from different branch, the “system” automatically charges the “fee”. When I asked then what’s the use of multicity cheque, there were no answers.

I would like to see what is that should I do now to get the money back. I feel I was cheated.

Appreciate if you guys help me in finding the required action.


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  1. Ramkumar says:

    Thanks Ashal & Manish. Really appreciate it.

  2. Kiran Telang says this —

    Some banks have limits on the amount that can be cleared in another city even in case of multi-city cheques. It is usually mentioned on the face of the cheque. The limit depends on the category of account. Priority/privilege accounts either have a very high or no limit.

  3. Ram

    I dont there there should be any charges . We just issued a cheque of PNB in pune and it was also a “payable at any city” , there was no collection charges . This blog post also confirms it (very similar case like you)

    Do one thing , use the words like “I will use RTI to find out the rules about Multicity cheque” and complain about it


  4. Dear Ramkumar, please check the below link –

    Please lodge a formal complaint with your SBI Branch. The amount is wrongly debited & same ‘ll be credited to you.



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