SBI Maxigain for NRI

POSTED BY keyaas ON July 10, 2012 7:54 am COMMENTS (4)

I am trying to apply loan under SBI Maxi Gain, but the loan rep is saying now that it’s not applicable for NRIs. I don’t see anywhere the eligibility stated about that. NRI specific homeloan application also had this plan to select on the top of the form. I was considering LIC and SBI loans and I just went with SBI due to advantages with Maxi Gain. It took a month to get all the documents collected and now this condition is really disappointing. Any NRIs applied in Maxi gain who can share comments ? Account number / any details / contact # would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. BRSINGH says:

    let me know if you have any queries here so that others can also can get benifit of it.

  2. says:

    Thanks for inputs. can you pls share your contact details. my email id is

  3. BRSINGH says:

    Hello Keyaas,

    I have applied my maxgain loan through a wealth management comapny. Its hassel free and you dont have to pay anything. If you are form bangalore then i can give the contacts. If you are from other city then you can search for similar wealth managemnt company apply through them.

  4. Dear Keyaas, please check the discussion done in the forum for last 15 days or so. One person is applying for Max Gain & currently he is in USA.

    Max Gain is very much available for NRI people. Please contact the SBI branch directly if this Representative is making fool or ignorant of the rules. Yes as you are not in India, You w’d have to arrange for a registered Power of Attorney to sign & complete all the legal formalities on your behalf.



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