SBI Maxgain – Why available balance reduced ?

POSTED BY abhaybakshi ON December 2, 2014 5:03 pm COMMENTS (4)

Hello Experts,

I have Maxgain home loan and I dont have transaction rights as I haven’t received possesion of my flat.  Final disbursement is now done and I expect posession letter from builder next week. I have made some prepayments earlier.

My question is that 2 weeks back, available balance was 1,24,800. Now suddenly since last week it is showing as 1,05200. Where has 19600 gone ??

I can not withdraw any surplus money as I dont have transaction rights. So is there any scenario which could have reduced my available balance ??

I dont think so…but before heading to bank with these question, I want to do my homework.

Need your help friends.

-Abhay Bakshi


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  1. Ram says:

    Hi Sharad,

    I also have the same problem, my Available Balance was 12xxx in the last week of September 2017 and on 1st October 2017, the Available Balance became 0!! Where did my 12xxx go? I just changed to MaxGain last month, thank God I did not put more money in it. As far as I understood, my Available Balance should never reduce, it can only increase, am I correct? The Interest amount will be taken from my EMI(which is on the 7th of every month). Am I correct?

    If you found out what the problem is please let me know, it will help me.


  2. Sharad Raut says:

    Hello Freinds,
    I too face same issue in month of June-2017
    Did you get any idea from any one for this ?
    Why surplus amount reduce ? please guide me for understand this & solve issue.

  3. abhaybakshi says:

    Here you go.

    On 30th Nov 2014 figures were as below.

    Book Balance : -1739207
    Available Balance : 1,24661
    Limit : 1863868
    Drawing Power : 1863868

    Today figures are as below.

    Book Balance : -17,53,420
    Available Balance : 1,05,234
    Limit : 18,58,654
    Drawing Power : 18,58,654

    I can see that –
    30-Nov-2014 Debit Interest 14,213

    It is clear that 14213 rupees interest + 5214 rupees = 19427 were deducted from my available balance.

    My question is that why it was deducted from available balance ? I am paying EMI and isn’t is supposed to be deducted from EMI ( It is 22616 rupees) ?
    So, I think 19427 should have been deducted from my EMI and rest should have been credited to my available balance as I have surplus money there.

    Am I making some mistake here ?

  4. ramakantp says:


    It would be useful if you could give other values also like DP, BB i.e a snap shot of the account.

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