SBI Maxgain vs HDFC – Comparision on Customer friendliness

POSTED BY skg ON August 11, 2014 1:28 pm NO COMMENTS

Hi Ashal – I have a home loan requirement of 20 lacs and am confused between sbi maxgain and hdfc. While the interest rates are same, the former has OD facility while the latter does not. My goal is to foreclose the entire loan amount in a span of 4-5 years and in this scenario please let me know which would be better –

1) Keep Parking Funds in maxgain and foreclose at the end of 4 years

2) Keep foreclosing 1-2 lacs every 3 months with HDFC so that i reach the goal of foreclosing the loan at the end of 4 years

HDFC is generally more customer friendly with ease of processing and  flexibility on picking up things like registration charges, gas pipeline, corpus fund, maintenance etc which sbi doesnt pick up. In addition, sbi mandates property insurance while hdfc doesnt(~30k-40 k one time payment). Please advise



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