SBI Maxgain Principal amount not reduced even after Morotorium Period

POSTED BY hima ON July 12, 2014 8:12 am NO COMMENTS


I have a home loan SBI Maxgain for 35 lakhs. EMI is around 35000 pm. The moratorium period got over in May 2014. However i have started paying EMI from Sep 2013.

I do not see my principal amount of EMI debited in June 2014. Nor my Drawing power has reduced with that amount. When will the bank start debiting the Principal part. 

Pl find the details as shown in the account

Book Balance -34,79,325.00

Available Balance 20,675.00

Limit 35,00,000.00

Uncleared balance 0.00

Drawing Power 35,00,000.00


Rate of Interest (% p.a.) 10.4%

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