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POSTED BY Bhushan Borole ON May 16, 2013 11:46 am ONE COMMENT

Hello Sir,


I have taken SBI Hsg loan of Rs. 18L for 15years this year(2013). 


As today, My SBI maxgain OD account states 

Book balance: Rs. -17,72,038.

Availabe balance: Rs. 27,962

and Drawing power : Rs.18L.


I wants to widtdraw money from my OD a/c. My difficulties are –


1) How much amount Can I withdraw from this OD a/c. If I have done additional payment of Rs. 2L?


2) What the limit when my loan taken is Rs.18L.

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  1. Dear Bhushan, as on date you can withdraw only available balance which is around 27K Rs. even in that I assume some part belongs to interest which is to be debited on 31st May 2013. So make sure, you are leaving that much money.

    I’m unable to understand your 2L Rs. query. Can you elaborate it more?

    For better understanding on Max Gain, please visit –



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