SBI Maxgain – Confused between Available and Book Balance

POSTED BY harvey7415 ON June 21, 2014 2:13 pm NO COMMENTS

I know I am asking this question that has already been asked several times. I went through the answers and I am still confused. I recently converted a regular home loan (outstanding balance was 78,00,000) to a Maxgain Home loan. After the conversion, my Maxgain appeared as follows:

Book Balance = 0 ; Available Balance = 78,00,000 Drawing Power = 78,00,000

Then I deposited 3,00,000 into my OD account. After that, my Maxgain appeared as follows:

Book Balance = 3,00,000 ; Available Balance = 81,00,000 Drawing Power = 78,00,000

What does this mean? Doesn’t Available Balance mean how much I can withdraw?  So does it mean I can with draw 81,00,000?? Seems unrealistic!!


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