SBI Max Gain system calculations are full with ERRORS; please recheck

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Dear Ashal Anshu,

There seems to be lot of glitches in Max Gain account software with SBI as you rightly said in following post. I am personally experiencing it. I have taken loan of Rs 1835000 from SBI and EMI started from Sept 2008. The disbursement letter shows EMI of Rs 20341 whereas it is reflected as 20795 in SBI computer records. Further, I needed some  money Rs 17Lac  to purchase another flat; at that time the system allowed to withdraw MORE THAN drawing power. How come this happened ?

I then found when I went to collect Interest certificate for filing my current ITR. At that time I asked, how much principal is still outstanding, then the clerk said it is EVEN more than the loan amount. I was shocked. Then she further saw all the records and said, that your accounts\’ drawing power got increased successively whereas it should have been decreasing. And she coolly said that it is SYSTEM mistake. We will talk with RACPC and then will take a decision. ANd then I came to know, that actually, when I withdrew Rs 17 Lac, the drawing power SHOULD HAVE BEEN Rs 12 Lac (as per fresh calculation); but system wrongly showed Rs 19 Lac as Available balance.

What to do now ? If SBI says that despite their mistake, I have to pay interest for the period the extra money withdrawn, then why should I agree ? Its nothing of my fault.

Reply will be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


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