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Dear Friends,

I have taken a home loan for 30L under SBI’s MAXGAIN. Possession of the flat is still due. Though I have been remitting the EMI regularly and also park surplus fund of 10k-20k everymonth, I find the Drawing Power reduced from 30L, for about 52k.

Could anyone suggest whether it is common or not, else pls. advise the steps to be taken for a solution.

Thanks and regards


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  1. Dear Govind, please check the following link for better understanding of Max Gain.


    If you are still in doubt, please feel free to ask me.

    The basic queries, you are raising are already answered ther.



  2. Dear Govind, before doing anything, please ask you branch to provide you your loan amortization schedule. Now compare your loan amort. schedule with your actual loan account & list out the discrepancy if any.



    1. GOVIND RAJ says:

      Dear Ashal,
      I have requested to my OD branch Mgr thru email, today.

      While a response is awaited, I feel I must share following info too for better clarity.
      My property is in Bangalore and I work in Delhi. OD account is in Bangalore and SBI SB account as well as Salary accounts(Axis) are in Delhi.

      Project is expected to complete by mid 2013.

      Only one disbursal has been released from Loan A/c. ie.9.11L so far(Total Loan is for 30L, 20yrs tenure, jointly with spouse).
      Remaining Disbursals will be in next 3 times. In between I managed margin directly to the builder.

      Full EMI started from day one.

      EMI date is 10th of every month.

      Hence, is there any harm in parking surplus fund of 10-20k every month? This I started from July2012. Can I park some more fund what I have? The idea is to have a reduced interest and an early loan closing tenure, as I am the only salaried one and in mid 40s. No other income.

      Since my Salary date is 1st, is it wise to bring the EMI date to 2nd or 3rd? Will SBI accept this request to prepone the date?

      Overall am I doing the right steps?

      Appreciated if you can enlighten further, from these inputs. Also, do any of my these actions caused for a decreased DP?

      Thanks and regards

  3. Dear Govind, as you are paying regular EM”Is, that’s why your loan is repaid by you up to the extent of those 52K Rs. The reduction in Drawing power indicates the repayment of loan by that much amount.



    1. GOVIND RAJ says:

      Thanks Ashal!

      But the calculation seems bit confusing.
      My EMI is 29952/- started from April2012. Interest alone till date is 69k approx. Apart from this 1L has already been parked in 10-20k per month. No amount withdrawn as it was not possible being possession of property not yet given.

      In one of the mail threads I happened to see that one of the members had approached RACPC thru email and got the DP corrected. Should I approach RACPC?

      It will be appreciated if you can brief on the DP calculation part.

      Thanks and regards,

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