SBI max gain

POSTED BY v s k prasad ON November 30, 2012 10:54 am COMMENTS (3)

I have a SBI Easy home loan of 15 lacs (which I took Feb 2011). I just came to know there is a max gain scheme is available with SBI, in which we can pay when ever we have bulk amount and can take back when we need. I would like to have this option, can you help me how to convert this to max gain scheme.


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  1. dear V S K parasad, please contact your local RACPC for the desired conversion.



  2. RAVI says:

    Hi Prasad, yes there is such an option called SBI Max gain where you can deposit any extra funds that you have so you can save on the interest portion of your EMI. Please search for ‘sbi maxgain’ in the search function of this website, you will have lot of information available. This is really a very useful website if you take the pain of searching the information yourself and understand.

  3. v s k prasad says:

    Please help me, if you have some idea about this. Thanks

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