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I took this plan and already paid 3 premiums out of 5. But I see that NAV is not incresing much. Out of the 50000 premium I paid, only 46000 was used to purchase units and remaining went in some bullshit charges.

So, my question is, at maturity what amount I’ll get? In policy its written that 5Lakhs is sum assured. Does this mean in any case Ill get more that 5Lakhs?

Based on current NAV, my investment got depreciated and I may even not get what invested? Will it benifit to come out of this plan now?




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  1. Dear Raghvendra, please check your policy documents or contact customer care for applicable surrender charges. if you opt to surrender now, the actual money coming to you ‘ll be NAV*no. of Units – surender charges.



  2. Raghavendra k says:

    Ashal, Thanks for the response. But pl help me understand the following.

    NAV * no-of-units = fundd-value.

    Is fund-value the only amount that I’ll get at maturity? or its invested + fund-value ? or some bonus?

    If I choose to discontinue, what will I gain and loose? For the 3 premiums I paid, what will I get back?


  3. Dear Raghvendra, Yes, NAV* no. of units = your fund value. To continue or not ‘ll be a personal call. Personally I’m not interested in such mixed products which are neither good for insurance not good for investment.



  4. Raghavendra k says:

    Thanks Ashal for response.

    By fund value you mean invested amount I guess. After payment of 3 premiums, its 46K*3 = 1.38. As per the NAV, its around 10.5, with other charges removed, I’ll be getting less money than I invested, is it?

  5. Dear Raghevendra, that 5L Rs. is sum assured & it ‘ll be available to your family if you die during the policy in force period. What’s your current fund value?



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