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POSTED BY saurav mishra ON March 25, 2013 11:35 pm COMMENTS (9)

Please provide worthiness holiness and truthness of this plan flexi smart and confirm me that it is beneficial for me or not for invest purpose with good interest as my knowledge.

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Rahul, please book your loss of 25K Rs. as the fee paid for leanring a valuable lesson. You ‘ll only increase your loss if you opt to continue. choice rests with you.



  2. rahuljain0211 says:

    Thanks Sourav & Mr Jauhri,

    I am concerned about this plan, I have proposed this plan this year with annual premium of 25000/- and made my first premium. now looking at the return I think it is not a wise move, what should I do now any suggestion for anybody.
    Thanks in andvance..


  3. Dear Saurav, please feel free to discuss any time. this forum belongs to all of you.



  4. Dear Saurav, from where the policy is going to earn 12.5% return on a debt instrument? Please answer on your common sense. I’m ready to discuss it in lengths but instead of offering a direct spoonfed yes or no type answer, I want you to do the hard work & use your own brain to reach a conclusion. Hope I’m adopting the right method. 🙂



    1. saurav mishra says:

      Thank u Mr. Jauhari.

      It is a good question that where the policy is going to earn 12.5% or more that it can back me my money with 12.5%. I have searched and find out the result that I am not right. Knowledge provided to me is partly and beside the truth.

      Thank u for ur support and concern.

  5. saurav mishra says:

    Thank you for your interest in knowing about it Mr. Ashal Jauhari.

    As my knowledge the Policy consist of 5 year bound period, but it can also extend to 10 years. Minimum 50 thousands and maximum 1 lacs can be invested per year till 5 years and as on wish it can be extended to 6-10 years. In starting of the policy money must be deposited at only once either 50 thousand or 1 lakhs, and in subsequent years you can deposit it in parts. There is also a boundation that money can be withdraw after passing 5 year bound period. This policy is totally interest based traditional policy consist of 12.5% Compound interest till the account continue. As the norms declared by the RBI not more than 9.5% rate of interest is given but this policy includes bonus interest and other interst, which comes 12% interest.There is also a life insurance for the period of 10 years of the 10 times of the money invested in 1st year, as 50, 000/- is invested life insurace consist of 5,00,000/-. And in case any casuality happens within the period of the policy, deposited money (with interest) + insurance money will be refunded with interest.
    It is totally tax free policy. No tax on interest and also u/s 80(c) of the IT Act 1962..
    If the money deposited 1,00,000/- yearly till 10 years, the total money along with interest will be nearly about 19,00,000/- after 10 years.

    About the policy which I have disccused bove is the best of my knowledge regarding policy. I want to know its truthness and holiness and the information given to me about the policy is true or not, as above I discussed.

    I am waiting for reliable response.

    1. Ramesh says:

      This is scam material. 😉

      1 lakh invested for 10 years = 19 lakh at the end of that period means an approx. 14% CAGR.

      The plan ONLY provides for a guaranteed rate of 2.5% (which means if you do not die, you should at least get around 11 lakhs as a minimum. Anything above is related to the performance of the company.

      1. saurav mishra says:

        After ascertained from the SBI life Online status regarding flexi smart policy your are looking true. There is no provision for 12.5% CI. I am fully agree to you. Thank you for your support in taking me any decision.

        Thank you!

  6. Dear Saurav, as per your own understanding, what’s so special in this plan that you are going to put your money in it?



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