SBI Home Loan Processing is so slow in my case, please help me ?

POSTED BY siddhu.1522 ON July 27, 2014 1:52 am COMMENTS (2)

Hi ,

I have applied for SBI home Loan. I got valuation and search report done for my resale flat which I am buying.

I also did my agreement to sale on 22nd June 2014,  and then  after collecting all the documents required by SBI  for home loanI submitted all my documents To SBI Branch in Balewadi, Pune on 6th July 2014.

My owner is leaving India for further studies for 2 years on 5th Aug’2014.

I stated my this condition to my agent present at balewadi branch, and  he made very sweat promises that he will help in every step and get the loan reimbursed before my seller goes. I believed in His kind words but now I am really worried.

To my surprise, he took 15 days to get the login done for me  when all the docs were already provided to him (earlier he said he will get the login done as soon as he will receive all my documents which i gave on 13th July)and when i was calling him for status he refuses to answer back my calls. And he also said not to call for follow up. On 21st july I have received a message from SBI that my login has been done. but its been a week but I can see no progress .

I dont know whom should i follow up. My agent is not receiving calls. And owner will be leaving India on 5th August. Please can someone advise what should I do. Also i would like to mention my seller has loan against that property in SBI only. so can anything be done to prioritize the process.

Also how much time does thr process takes and what are the steps followed after login is done. Somebody please guide.

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  1. Raja says:

    Dont trust agents. Go and speak to the branch manager

  2. Credexpert says:

    Dear Sir,

    You may contact SBI directly and find out the status of your application. This might help you get a better idea of how long the process will actually take.


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