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I want to invest in Gold. I planned to invest in SBI Gold ETF in systamatic investment Plan(SIP).

There are two options avaiable. 

1. Rs.1000 for six months

2. Rs.500 for one year.

If i invest in SBI Gold ETF SIP – what are the returns i can expect in the above two cases.

How to calculate the returns/profits in gold etf.

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  1. Nagarajan Santhan says:

    Hi Kumar

    As per Ashal’s reply, you must decide your purpose for gold investment. If you really need gold in a year or two, go ahead with GOLD ETF.

    If you are thinking in investment point of view for short term go ahead with FD or Debt funds.

    Nagarajan Santhan

  2. Dear Kumar, why do you want to invest in GOLD for such short term? Any specific reason? What ‘ll you do if the GOLD slides downwards from here onwards?

    Please clarify.



  3. Gold investing is meant for the long term. Investing for such short terms can be very risky and can lead to loss of capital

    Returns can calculated by using an Excel function called XIRR. I have one in my site.

    For such short durations use an RD.

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