SBI Emerging Business Fund – Should I switch ?

POSTED BY suhel desai ON September 5, 2014 4:16 pm COMMENTS (7)

I am investing in MF’s since 2011 from a long term perspective. Funds I am investing is 1. ICICI pru focused blue chip 2. Quantum Long Term Equity 3. SBI Magnum Emerging Business   Lately SBI Emerging has not been performing well although I have not had any loss but most sites recommend to switch.  

Any advice if this needs to be done or swtich to another fund? I am looking for a good long term mid-small cap fund.  

Appreciate any inputs.   Thanks, Suhel

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  1. vinay singh says:

    Hi Suhel,
    Most ratings are based on recent performances only.Also,it is not possible that the funds we have selected will be at the top every year,no matter which one.
    Try to base your decisions on the annualised return you need from market in long term. A CAGR of 15-20 is very good..(10years duration ) .As long as it is near to it .,you can stick with the same fund.

  2. suhel desai says:

    Hi Vinay,

    You are right I am also investing in this fund since 2013 and also got 40% returns. I was wondering with all websites lowering rating is there something I am not seeing in the performance?



    1. suhel desai says:

      probably other funds are performing better is midcap category

  3. vinay singh says:

    Hi Suhel,
    As per VRO,this fund has given 24.33 annualized return in last 3 years compared to sensex 17.40.
    How’s that a bad performance.?

  4. suhel desai says:

    Well as per moneycontrol rating is 1 star and recommends to switch.
    On value research the rating has reduced to 3 start
    On MorningStar the rating is neutral.

    I understand that I shouldnt worry due to short term reviews/ratings but just wanted to confirm.

  5. Ravi says:

    Which site is recommending to switch away from SBI Emerging Businesses?

  6. Sumit says:

    SBI Emerging is a good fund, though it’s not outperforming others in it’s category.

    I have all the 3 funds you are investing; I would add 1 more small mid cap fund in portfolio (from the following) , and divide the SIP amount, I were you.

    Axis Midcap
    IDFC Premier midcap
    HDFC Midcap Opp.


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