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Hi Manish,

 My question is regarding about how to save money. I am regular reader of ur forums and i come to know that we should save atleast 10% of our salary. As i am newly employeed and my take home salary is about 18000+ with inflation about 5% p.a and my age is 21 yrs completed. I want to know how can i save, should i take mutual using SIP or life Insurance? I have shorlisted the mutual fund which is HDFC Top 200. It would be good or i need take something else?

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  1. Rupesh Varma says:

    As my dad is also earning i don’t have any liabilities. But i m helping to my dad by giving something around 12-14k from salary to pay his home loans. And besides this i hardly have any expenses. So remaining amount is unused.

  2. Dear Rupesh, may I know your mly expenses? Any loan liabilities?



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