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hi guys,

what is ur view on will the merger help it.can i take a longterm position when it falls  to mid seventies.

can it  again challenge the likes of wipro,tcs and infy.can we expect satyam to see in 300range in 3years.i think it has good contracts and quality workforce.

wiil it be amongst the best  again after merging with mahindra.

ur views are most welcomed.



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  1. Rajendran says:

    I am not a great analyst, I invest in whatever my intuition says. I think you can invest in Satyam (Mahindra bought satyam @47 and now is hovering around 85) Just think how the company was a year ago and now really the extra price of 38 rupees is justified.

    Mahindra is a very strong brand and they won’t just let their business go down. I still remember the interview of M&M CFO,

    In the interview he mentioned, the year M&M launched scorpio their stock went down like anything and they called for blue chip meeting. In that meeting they decided not to take up any business in which profit margin is less than 30 odd percent (I forgot that exact figure)

    This being the case they will bring satyam back to form… Just buy in small blocks keep accumulating if it goes down.

    Disclosure: I current hold Satyam Share.

  2. rakesh says:

    Satyam will take a while to recover, 300 in 3 years is possible, given the merger with Tech Mahindra they expect few projects in the long term. Next few quarters will be quite challenging for them.
    Instead invest in safe and good IT companies like Infy, Tcs, Patni, Wipro.


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